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The brand name CEPLATTYN has already a long tradition and is acknowledged world wide. CEPLATTYN has been the first sprayable adhesive lubricant, developed more than 50 years ago. Nowadays adhesive lubricants marketed under this name are available throughout the world in a whole range of specially formulated products for a wide range of applications. This group of products contains both grease based lubricants, which contain a high graphite content, and solid-free, high-viscous fluids.

The CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants range fulfils the tough tribotechnical conditions encountered. The CEPLATTYN range can be used in numerous industrial applications, e.g. open-running drive units on tube mills, rotary kilns, dryers, ore crushers, calcinators etc. In addition on slewing rings, rack-and-pinion devices, slide rails and bolted connections. CEPLATTYN is also used for the inner lubrication and maintenance of wire ropes. CEPLATTYN lubricants are suitable for the most varied operating conditions, and can be used with all types of application equipment. They are free from heavy metals, chlorine and solvents. Wear is reduced through the use of special additive packages and their excellent adhesive qualities, thereby ensuring minimum consumption rates.

CEPLATTYN products are used:

for the lubrication of highly loaded and/or pre-damaged gear drive units. for initial lubrication and for the specialised running-in of open-running gear drives up to operational lubrication. For this purpose the use of MULTI-PHASE-LUBRICATION (M-P-L) is recommended which, through the use of selected CEPLATTYN grades, offers optimum protection, particularly during the commissioning of a new drive unit. for lubrication of gear drives, where minimum application quantities are required for the lubrication of large link chains. for lubrication and preservation of wire ropes. for lubrication in steel construction for hydraulic engineering , where environmentally-harmless products are required. CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants are recommended and prescribed by leading equipment manufacturers.