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Lubricants in the aerosol form are an interesting, quick and clean form of application for numerous lubrication points, since they can be applied directly and economically without any additional aids.

Aerosols are indispensable for a multitude of uses in the assembly, maintenance and service areas due to the economic and specific application even on hard-to-access points.

In many cases the lubricant application from spray cans is even the most cost effective solution, because the lubricant can be applied precisely and very economically. Contamination of the surroundings on the one hand and of the lubricant itself on the other hand can also be avoided. The latter is a well known problem for manual lubrication from open containers, for example by using a brush.

Our aerosol range is designed for all tribotechnical applications, such as for open gear lubrication, chain lubrication, wire rope lubrication, coating of machine parts, loosening of firmly rusted or stiff parts, cleaning, assembly, protection, etc.

Our aerosols contain optimally matched solvent and working agent combinations as well as tailor made spray head and valve technology for each active substance. That's why they are entirely capable of satisfying the highest technical requirements.