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FUCHS LUBRITECH's extensive range of high-performance lubricants is supplemented by various application devices. These include various grease guns, the universally usable Teejet nozzle and application devices for die-casting.

The SYSTEM REINER single-hand and the HD two-hand guns guarantee clean, safe lubrication of high-quality machines through long lubrication pipes, large quantities of lubricants and large volumes of lubricant per stroke. Particularly simple handling is achieved with the SYSTEM REINER cartridge with screw cap.

The DFP 500/FLT pneumatic gun is preferred for a pneumatically operated variant. It is the ideal solution for lubricating all kinds of machinery, commercial vehicles and construction machinery. The practical single-hand operation in particular makes it the perfect tool for use with our SYSTEM REINER screw cartridges.

For cartridges without screw cap, the P 400 and P 500 hand lever grease guns achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum maintenance expenditure.

Another application aid is the Teejet nozzle, which may be used anywhere. Its use enables concrete releasing agent to be applied thinly and uniformly to the shuttering.

Rental containers with a filling weight of 580 kg are the ideal choice in the case of package sizes larger than the 180 kg drums. They can be adapted to all common spray lubrication systems. The advantages are: improved cleanliness, no empty barrels, no cleaning of used drums, thereby saving considerable costs. Note: the rental containers are not available in every country!

Modern piston lubrication on cold chamber machines is carried out with solid granulates or powder, using suitable proportioning devices. The BKR-KOLBEN-STAR is considered to be one of the most progressive metering pumps and occupies a recognised leading position in the market.