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HD two-handed grease gun

FUCHS LUBRITECH's manufacturing programme is completed by various types of grease guns, which facilitate an optimal application of the lubricant.

The "SYSTEM REINER" single-handed and the HD two-handed guns guarantee clean, safe lubrication of high-quality machines through long lubrication pipe feeds, large quantities of lubricants and large volumes of lubricant per stroke. The "SYSTEM REINER" cartridge (with screw closure, contents: 500 g) is particularly simple to operate. 400 g SR-tubes can also be used with this equipment.

The latest grease gun development from FUCHS LUBRITECH is the DFP 500/FLT professional pneumatic grease gun. It is the ideal solution for lubricating all kinds of machinery, commercial vehicles and construction machinery. In particular the practical one-hand operation makes it the perfect tool for using with SR screw cartridges from FUCHS LUBRITECH.

We can also offer appropriate lubricating equipment for use with our 400g or 500g standard cartridges. The P 400 and P 500 hand lever grease guns achieve maximum efficiency with a minimum of maintenance.

Another application aid is the Teejet nozzle, which may be used anywhere. Its use enables our concrete releasing agent to be applied in a thin and uniform layer to the shuttering.

Our loan containers, with a filled weight of 580 kilograms, are available for those, for whom a drum of our CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants is insufficient. A simple adapter naturally makes it suitable for use with all normal commercial equipment. The advantages are obvious: improved cleanliness, no empty barrels, no cleaning of old drums, thereby saving considerable costs.
Note: Loan containers are not available in every country!

As part of the sales' programme of the LUBRODAL division there is a series of equipment (former BEKARO), which has proved its worth in a variety of ways relating to the application of release agents and lubricants in peripheral die-casting technology. Permanent work on further developments guarantees that, even with the increasing trend towards automation, the wishes of many clients to have complete solutions provided by a single source will be translated and put into action in the best possible way.

As far as the removal and handling of die castings is concerned, the family of the BKR-ENTNAHME-STARs offers a successful and clearly commercially competitive alternative to robot technology. Userfriendliness and reliability are, moreover, supported by an innovative and intelligent design.

Modern piston lubrication on cold chamber machines is carried out with solid granules or powder, using suitable proportioning devices. The BKR-KOLBEN-STAR is considered to be one of the most progressive metering pumps and occupies a recognised leading position in the market.


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