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Under the brandname GLASOL the following products are formulated for use in the manufacture of flat and container glass as well as optical lenses: cutting oils, grinding fluids, separating agents and coolants.

Cleaning agents, release agents and auxiliary materials for all applications connected with glass making machinery complete the range. The products and their related application methods are innovative, environmentally harmless and economical whilst continuous improvements are made in close co-operation with the operators/users.

The development and production of the GLASOL series is done by FUCHS LUBRITECH; backed by many years of experience in this manufacturing field and soundly based, application engineering knowledge. Users/Operators benefit from this concentration of know-how, since it gives rise to advantages such as, for example, safe use of the products, perfect co-ordination at all stages of the glass manufacturing process and last, but not least, the possibility to receive an "overall package" of these specialities. This produces positive side effects for customers such as cost reductions and total reliability regarding deliveries and product lead times.