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Release agents for pressure die casting

LUBRODAL products are water-miscible die lubricants for massive forming of metals in hot and warm temperature range. With or without graphite, black or white, LUBRODAL's excellent properties fulfil the highest demands:
  • economic and environmentally friendly in use by diluting with water and spraying
  • a wide wetting temperature range guarantees instant formation of a separating film on the tools
  • material flow and mould release are supported
  • excellent cooling effect and reduced fire risk
HYKOGEEN is the name associated with special applications in metal forming. These are effective release and lubricating formulations, which are not soluble in water.

Another wide area of use is in the foundry industry, where for years LUBRODAL and HYKOGEEN products have been successfully used as die release agents and auxiliaries.

There is also a complete, high-quality range of products available specifically for die-casting, which is complemented and supported in the best possible way through the company's own peripheral devices (see Application Equipment). But chill casting and gravity casting can also be carried out using FUCHS LUBRITECH mould facing lubricants.


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