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Generally speaking, pastes are consistent lubricants, which have a relatively high content of solid lubricants. Hence, pastes are mixtures consisting of a base oil or grease and solid lubricants. The solid lubricants can act as a thickener. Their main purpose is, however, to lend properties to the product that could not be achieved with an oil or a grease alone.

A distinction is to be made between grease pastes and pastes. If the content of solid lubricants is 40 % or more, we call it a paste. Between 10 - 40 % we call it a grease paste. If it's less than 10 % we call it a grease, even for solids containing lubricants.

Pastes are further differentiated according to their field of application or their composition. Examples are assembly pastes, which are indispensable aids in heavy industry installation and running-in processes. Or high-temperature pastes which ensure that bolts can be loosened after being subjected to high temperatures, or white pastes, which have proved themselves particularly useful in oscillating operating conditions. For each application the gleitmo range of products offers the perfect solution.