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The building itself, made of concrete, always is the star. In comparison with this, concrete release agents almost always play a less important part. However, the success of the star performers - concrete and mould - depends upon them, just as beer depends on its hops. The skilful interaction of both the main actors with those in supporting roles is what makes a first-class performance possible.

Of one thing you can be sure: without a high-quality release agent, you really can't achieve a strong, high-quality concrete surface. In contrast, almost anything is possible if you use FUCHS LUBRITECH's concrete release agents (Betonex, SOK, Bitterex) . We can back this up with decades of experience in this area. Through all these years FUCHS LUBRITECH has developed and produced concrete release agents, and sold them successfully throughout the world.

High-quality products have to meet many requirements. For this reason the customer's needs and the customer benefits are the most important factors we take into consideration when we develop concrete release agents. In addition to these requirements, ecological aspects play an equally important part.

Concrete release agents from FUCHS LUBRITECH are used world-wide. An extensive network of sales support offices and field personnel ensure that you will find a highly-qualified contact person almost anywhere in the world, who work together with customers to develop new concepts for specialised applications. FUCHS LUBRITECH develops and manufactures concrete release agents for all areas of building construction, civil engineering, as well as for the manufacture of pre-fabricated concrete sections.