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Techno-Chemical products round off the product range of FUCHS LUBRITECH. These include lubricant powders, which can be supplied as dry lubricating films of the highest purity. They may be used as ordinary lubricating powder or as an addition to compounds.

Cleaners are designed for clean, grease-free cleansing of parts. This de-greasing is indispensable for ensuring a proper, subsequent greasing or coating with solid film lubricants. Our cleaners are also very suitable for cleaning vehicle chassis.

The thinners can be used during production or for dispersing of grease, grease pastes and pastes. At the same time they are suitable for cleaning coating equipment (e.g. spray guns, centrifugal containers).

Rust looseners and corrosion protection products still have an important role, even in today's hightech industry. They are essential for the loosening of threaded connections and parts which are susceptible to corrode are protected against corrosion either permanently or during transportation.